Why use waterbased coatings ?

What are the dangers associated with solvent-based finishes?

Toxic fumes given off by solvent floor finishes contain free isocyanates that affect the respiratory system and are particularly dangerous for asthma sufferers, children and the elderly.  Solvent-based floor finishes are classified as poisons and homeowners should vacate premises until solvent based coatings are fully cured.  This can take a minimum of 7 – 14 days.  In addition the fumes from solvent finishes can taint food in pantries and even refrigerators.  Some water-based paints can turn yellow due to the reaction of isocyanates with the amines in the paint.  Plants, paintings and pets should also be removed from the area until the finish is totally cured. 
Alternatively choose the convenience of a non-toxic water-based floor finish.  No toxic fumes or isocyanates - so no need to move out!  Bona’s modern polyurethane finishes offer excellent wear resistance, are non-yellowing and bring out the real beauty of timber flooring - without risking your health.  Solvent finishes are a thing of the past, so ask your professional floor finisher about the benefits of the Bona water-based alternative.

Don’t solvent-based finishes wear better?

20 years ago the answer was yes.  Today’s technology means that the best water-based finishes are 100% polyurethane and provide wear resistance that is better or as good as solvent-based products - without the toxic fumes.  Floors in commercial premises are routinely coated with water-based finishes as there is minimal disturbance to the commercial operation with no toxic fumes or health risks.  In these situations having good wear resistance is a necessity.  
Since 1980 Bona have sold enough finish to coat 750 million m² with 175 million m² of Bona Mega and 150 million m² of Bona Traffic included in this number.  Recent examples of projects in Australia include 10,000 m² of flooring at the Brisbane Supreme Court, the entrance hall & Kings Hall at Old Parliament House in Canberra where Traffic HD satin was used and 10,000 m² of Bona Traffic Matt at the National Gallery Victoria at their St Kilda Rd and Federation Square galleries.

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